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Call Center Programs

The Common Features of Call Center Software


Call Center Software is useless without telephony. Telephony is typically telecommunications technology, or just the heart of contact center software and it enables two or more people to interact. Apart from a blended Telephony, Call Center Software allows both inbound and outbound campaigns to run through the call center. The inbound campaigns offer screen pops accompanied by customer details while the outbound campaigns can run in various dialing alternatives comprising of Power, Preview and Predictive dialing. The two campaigns are connected in the call centers hence expediting inbound calls to minimize dropped calls and hold times. 


Interactive Voice Response (IRV) and the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) are principle features needed by call centers that have several departments that conduct regular meetings. The IRV software is a telephony menu system that recognizes, partitions and routes callers to the most efficient department, agent or pre-corded message. A built-in IRV and ACD enable the caller to choose the extension they wish to dial before getting to the target person.


The caller first hears the IVR greetings and is asked to select from an array of prompts in a regular IRV. IRV solutions are useful when it comes to conference meetings and safeguarding against unauthorized access to calls. The ACD serves as a foundation for processes and features such as call monitoring, skills-based routing among others making it a must-have feature for automatic dialer software.    



The call center software should have a great application that allows you to run both historical and real-time outlines. Call recording is another essential function for call center solutions, and there has to be a utility that easily searches, controls and archives the recordings.